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Is The Horsemanship Journey family friendly?

Yes. Every Episode is appropriate for all ages.

How do I purchase a Membership for myself or a friend?
Go to the "SHOP" page in the menu. Find "Personal Membership" or "Gift Membership" then Add to Cart and follow the prompts.
How long do I have access?
A Personal Membership is good for 1 calendar year but you will always have access as long as your card remains valid and you update it when necessary. As long as the Membership is able to be renewed during the renewal period, your access will never be interrupted.
What other ways can I connect with THJ?

Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our username for all is TheHorsemanshipJourney.  You can also use the "Chat" feature on the HOME page  or contact us by email at Support@thehorsemanshipjourney.com

Where can I leave a review?

Please leave a review in the message area at the CONTACT US page.

Where is THJ based?
THJ is based out of Las Vegas,Nevada but travels the globe to bring you the top people in the horse industry.
If I purchase a Gift Membership, will my card be charged again when it is time to renew?
No. Gift Memberships do not automatically renew. The recipient will need to purchase his/her own Personal Membership after 1 year or when the Gift Membership expires.
How often will my card be charged and for how much?
Your card will be charged annually to renew your membership during the renewal period. The renewal period is the 30 days before your Membership expires. The amount of the charge will be the current cost of a Personal Membership. Please see the Terms of Use for more information.
What do I do if my card expires or I have to cancel the card I signed up with and I don't want to disrupt my membership?
Go to "My Account" in the menu. Then click "Payment Methods." From there you will be able to add your new card.