We believe that horsemanship, like life is an ongoing progression. And that the most effective way to improve ourselves is through the experience and wisdom of those who have achieved what we desire. We bring you these people through Personal Memberships. Personal Training coming soon.

You are living in the greatest time in history to be involved with horses. Todays’ horses are exceptional animals and there is more information and opportunity than ever before. The only question left is, are you ready to take your horse experience to the next level?

The Horsemanship Journey is the go-to resource for helping today’s horse people of all levels of experience become the great horsemen and women of tomorrow. Prepare to be empowered, informed, and inspired!

Our mission is: “To empower the people who want to make a positive difference in their horse’s lives and change their own life in the process, with the knowledge and skills to do so, that ultimately, people have improved lives and experience more joy.”

How Membership works: A new episode is released each month. Each episode has three parts. Each part is about 20 minutes.

  • Part 1 - features the best horsemen and women in the world. These exceptional people share their personal stories, knowledge, and wisdom.
  • Part 2 - includes top equine professionals and veterinarians who provide expertise on subjects from saddles and trailers to colic and colors.
  • Part 3 - is about developing the attitude and character necessary to be outstanding horsemen/women. Experts in human behavior present mindset, motivation, and inspiration!

We connect horse people with the greatest horsemen and women of our time. Their proven strategies, experiences, and ideas will help you have a more enjoyable, more meaningful, and more successful horse experience.

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How Personal Training Works: REAL PROGRESS is Personal Training for you and your horse.
Training videos are helpful in some instances, but results are limited because of the one "size fits all" approach. Real Progress is personalized coaching from the Top Trainers, specifically for you and for your horse.

Here's how:

  • Choose a World Class Trainer
  • Submit a video of you and your horse
  • Receive personal instruction via voice-over videos and personal calls

No more generic teaching with mediocre results. Enjoy REAL PROGRESS!

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If you’re not content with being average, if you’re ready to separate yourself from the masses in mediocrity and join the few in the quest for excellence, if you can’t get enough of the equine world no matter how much you immerse yourself in it, then my friend, you are at the right place!