Our mission is "To empower the people who want to make positive change in their horse's life and change their own life in the process, with the knowledge and the skills to do so."

We bring you the best horsemen and equine authorities in the world to help guide you in your own personal horse experience. If you desire to know more and be more, THJ will help you get it done.

HOW do we accomplish our mission?

The Horsemanship Journey (THJ) is a subscription video series. Viewers enjoy 6-12 episodes per year. Each month a new episode is released. The episodes are about one hour long and have no advertising. A full Season is 12 episodes or one full year. Every episode has 3 parts. Part 1 features an amazing story about horses and people, Part 2 is the informational segment with top equine professionals and veterinarians. And Part 3 is an introspective look at ourselves where experts in human behavior share motivation and inspiration. Each presentation is truly powerful and contains actionable, usable information for your personal Horsemanship Journey. If applied, the content inside each episode will have a positive impact on you and your horse.


THJ has a target launch slated for early 2021. We are currently working on finalizing our website and producing those amazing presentations. Our corresponding social media sites compliment our mission by providing inspiration and information pertaining to the pursuit of excellence in horsemanship. We invite you to like and follow us there where we can more closer connect and be able to keep you posted with progress and activity.

Friends, if you have a desire to be above average, if you really want to make a positive difference in your horse's life and improve yourself in the process......then Join us on The Horsemanship Journey! You'll be glad you did!

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